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Aus dem Vimeo-Text:

This little movie is actually an exercise that I did at the occasion of a workshop conducted by Philip Bloom in Brussels (a very nice guy!). The theme was „capture a mood of Brussels“.
I did the shooting in three hours time (from 5 to 8 PM) in only one place (Place Poelaert, near the Palais de Justice), except for the time lapse and the clouds that were shot from my apartment. I did the whole editing in the same evening as a personal challenge. Unfortunately, it was very windy and my light tripod was shaken almost all the time. These vibrations caused a terrible jello, specially on those in which I used the crop sensor feature of the marvelous GH2. They just were unusable… So this is by no way flawless, but as I usually take ages to edit, this proved me I can do things faster! 😉
The clouds shots were made with the GH1. Thanks to the amazing hack !

Brussels snapshot.

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